Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dams in India:
Ø Tehri Dam: on Bhagirathi River, Uttarakhand
Ø Lakhwar Dam on Yamuna river, Uttrakhand
Ø Iduuki Arch Dam – on Periyar river, Kerala
Ø Koyna Dam – on Koyana river, Maharshtra
Ø Bhakra nangal Dam: on Sutlej River, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
Ø Sardar Sarovar Dam: on Narmada River, Gujarat
Ø Srisailam dam: on Narmada River, Andhra Pradesh
Ø Ranjit Sagar Dam: on Rav river, Punjab
Ø Baglihar Dam: on Chenab river , J& K
Ø Cheruthoni (Eb) Dam: on Cheruthoni, Kerala
Ø Hirakud Dam: on Mahanadi River, Orissa
Ø Nagarjuna sagar Dam: on Krishna River, Andhra Pradesh
Ø Indira SagarDam: on Narmada River, Madhya Pradesh
Ø Ukai Dam: on Tapi river, Gujarat
Ø Maithon Dam: on Barakar river, Jharkhand
Ø Krishnarajsagar Dam: on kaveri river, Karnataka
Ø Mettur Dam: on Kaveri River, Salem district in Tamil Nadu
Ø TungaBhadra Dam – on Tungabhadra rive, Karnataka

Folk dances in India
Ø Changu: Odissa and Andhra Pradesh
Ø Gair: Rajasthan.
Ø Garba, Dandiya Rass: Gujarat
Ø Ghoomar: Rajasthan.
Ø Karagam: Tamil Nadu.
Ø Dumhal: Kashmir.
Ø Lavani: Maharashtra
Ø Odissi: Orissa
Ø Rauf – Jammu & Kashmir
Ø Nautanki, Thora, Chappeli, Raslila, Kajri - UP

Classical dances in India
Ø Kathak: Uttar Pradesh.
Ø Bihu: Assam
Ø Bharat Natyam: Tamil Nadu
Ø Kuchipudi: Andhra Pradesh.
Ø Kathakali: Kerala.
Ø Chhau: Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal
Ø Bhangra: Punjab.
Ø Khantumm – Mizoram

Lines b/w Different Countries in the World
1. Durand Line: Pakistan and Afghanistan
2. Mc. Mohan Line: India(Arunachal Pradesh Region) and China
3. Radcliff Line: India and Pakistan
4. Line of Control :It divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan.
5. Hidden berg Line: Germany and Poland
6. Maginot Line: France and Germany
7. Older Neisse Line: Germany and Poland
8. Mannerheim Line :Russia and Finland border.
9. Siegfried Line : Germany and France.
10. 17th Parallel: North Vietnam and South Vietnam
11. 24th Parallel : India and Pakistan.
12. 26th Parallel : Australia & South Africa
13. 38th Parallel: North Korea and South Korea

14. 49th Parallel: Canada and USA

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reduce image size in less than 10 KB, using Photo Shop

Step 1: Make a new file in Photoshop with desigred dimension. (In the given image, I took the template forSSC standard image size).

Step2: Open your scanned Photograph into photoshop and drag it into the new created template file.

Note: Here you will observe that the image size is too big to fit in the file. (Scanned photographs are much larger in dimension size).

Step3: Maximize the window of new file.

Step 4: Press “Ctrl + T”. It will show a transformation border around photo. Press “Shift” and Drag Inward any corner of that transformation point till u got desired image proportion. 

Note: While dragging Inwards with Shift key. Often image go outside the canvas border. So just release the shift key and click inside the transformation border and drag the image inside the Canvas. And again you can make image big or small by dragging inwards any transformation corner.

Step 5: After finishing with the position of your photograph. Time to save Image. So goto
“File – Save for Web”. Or press “alt + ctrl  + shift + S”. A dialog box appers. Fill the image format: “JPEG”, and quality.

Note: Adjust the quality as per your choice. Higher the quality higher the image size.

Job Done: Yupeeeeeeeeee...!!!!!

Final results:

2.92 KB with 40% quality

4.87 KB with 70% quality