Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to give your USB devices a Background Image

It’s really a 3 step process. Let’s begin:-
1.) Copy Paste the following code in the notepad and rename that notepad file to desktop.ini (Just make sure when you paste this code, the Double Quotes are in Notepad format otherwise type the Double quotes manually from your keyboard.)
2.) Choose any image of your choice and rename it to back.jpg
3.) Copy Paste both these files (i.e. desktop.ini and back.jpg) into your USB device and make them hidden by selecting Properties -> Hidden Files.
That’s it. You are done.
Just REFRESH your screen and you will see your image on background.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Links in Web Sites for Tamilnadu State Government

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to Change Pendrive Name With AutoRun

1. Just follow all steps to create an autorun.inf file inside your pendrive at “How to Change The Icon of Your USB Pendrive or Removable Disc“.
2. Now edit your autorun.inf file. Add the line label=*your_custom_name* after [autorun] line. For example, if you want to give custom name “TechGainer”, then the code should be like the following :

As I used my pure name “জাবের”(my mother language is Bengali) in my pendrive, my code was looked like :


Screenshot :
For custom name, use label=*custom_name* in autorun.inf file. change or update pendrive name with autorun
For custom name, use label=*custom_name* in autorun.inf file
3. After giving your custom name, don’t save the file directly clicking on Save. Go to File > Save As . Now choose Unicode as encoding. Then save.
Choose Unicode ans Encoding before saving autorun.inf file
Choose Unicode ans Encoding before saving autorun.inf file
4. Please remember to save the file as autorun.inf . Don’t save it as autorun.txt or autorun.inf.txt or autorun.txt.inf . Otherwise the whole procedure will go in vain. If you still have confusion to create the autorun.inf file from text document, please read carefully How to Change The Icon of Your USB Pendrive or Removable Disc” where I made a little but clear describe on creating autorun.inf file for pen drive to add extra functionality with your pen drive such as changing icon.
5. Now save the autorun.inf file in the root of your pendrive.
6. Plug out the pen drive from your computer. Then again plug in to the computer. Now see it’s really working!
Give Bengali or any other name to pen drive
Give Bengali or any other name to pen drive
7. If you also have changed the default icon of your pendrive, it will look like :
Custom pen drive name with custom icon
Custom pen drive name with custom icon
8. That’s it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Lock Files and Folders without any Software

Here is step-by-step guide to achieve that.
1. Download or Copy the following text file which contains the program code:-
Text File -> LockCode.txt
2. Paste the above code in notepad or create a new text document by right clicking on your desktop and selecting New->Text Document.
3. Replace “type your password here” with your password in the code you just pasted on the notepad. DON’T FORGET THIS.

4. Save the above file as BATCH file (by extension .bat). Choose any filename but make sure that it ends with .bat
(Open My Computer. Goto Tools -> Folder Options -> View. Scroll down and UNCHECK Hide extensions for known file types. Now rename your file with .bat extension)
5. Now you can see a MS-DOS BATCH file you just created. See the picture below:-

6. Double click on it to create a new folder named “Locker“.
7. Now put all files and folders you want to protect in to this new folder “Locker“.
8. Double click that BATCH file again to lock the folder “Locker”. It will disappear as soon as it gets locked.
9. If you want to unlock that folder, double click the BATCH file again. You will be prompted for the password, enter the correct password and that folder “Locker” will then be appear which is easily accessible by you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


1. An Amd 1400 chip running without a heat sink gets as hot as 370 degrees.
2. Seagate introduced the first add for pcs in 1979.It held 5 M.B of data.
3. If u opened up the case of the original Macintosh, u will find 47 Signatures one for each member of Apple's Macintosh division as of 1982.
4. The first computer company to register for a domain name was digital equipment corporation.
5. Did u know Apple & Sun came very close to a merger in 1996.
6. The technology contained in a single game boy unit in 2000 exceeds all
7. Hewlett Packard was started at a garage in Palo Alto in 1939.
8. Tetris has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, since it began in 1982.
9. The super flop (LOL!) sega dream cast, released in 1999, was the first console game machine to sport 128 Bit architecture.
10. The most expensive game ever developed was "ShenMue" for sega dreamcast.It costs $20 million.
11. The QWERTY keyboard layout is 129 years old.
12. South Korea’s SK telecom offers an inaudible ring tone to its customers which, it claims, can repel mosquitoes.
13. In 1971, the first speech recognition software named, "Hearsay" was developed in India.
14. Macquariums are aquariums made from old macintosh computers.
15. The servers r in Denmark. The software is from Estonia. The domain is registered in Australia & the corporation is in south
Pacific island.Ths Kazaa the p2p software.
16. Bill gates & Paul Allen started a company called Traf-O-Data to monitor traffic flow.
17. The four largest software makers in the world are:-
(a) Microsoft
(b) Adobe
(c) Sap
(d) Computer Associates.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Thursday, July 7, 2011

PHP Tutorial with XAMPP for Windows


PHP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.
It is the widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP and other scripting languages.
In our tutorial you will learn about PHP, and how to execute scripts on your server.

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use - just download, extract and start.

What is PHP?
  • PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language, like Ruby on Rails, ASP, JSP and others
  • PHP scripts are executed on the server
  • PHP is an open source software
  • PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and etc.)
  • PHP is free to download and use
  • PHP files have a file extension of ".php" or ".php3"

Why PHP?
  • PHP runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)
  • PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)
  • PHP is FREE to download at www.php.net
  • PHP is easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server side
What do you Need?
Note: The default installation directory is C:\xampp and C:\xampp\htdocs is the location for the PHP file.

How to Run a PHP file using XAMPP?
  • Create a PHP file then save it to C:\xampp\htdocs directory.
  • Open your browser then type "http://localhost/Your PHP File name" or "http://I.P. Address/Your PHP File name"

Basic PHP Syntax

A PHP scripting block always starts with and ends with ?>. A PHP scripting block can be placed anywhere in the document.


//Put your code here

A PHP file normally contains HTML tags, Javascript and PHP scripting code.


echo " Hello World ";

Each code line in PHP must end with a semicolon. The semicolon is a separator and is used to distinguish one set of instructions from another.

Note: The file must have a .php or .php3 extension else the PHP code will not be executed.

Comments in PHP
  • // to make a single-line comment
  • /* and */ to make a large comment block.

//This is a comment

This is
a comment


Variable Declarations in PHP

Variables are used for storing a values, like text strings, numbers or arrays.
In PHP, a variable does not need to be declared before adding a value to it and no data type needed, PHP will automatically converts the variable to the correct data type, depending on its value.

PHP variables are start with a $ sign symbol.

$variable_name = value;

Naming Rules for PHP Variables
  • A variable name must start with a letter or an underscore "_"
  • A variable name should not contain spaces.
  • A variable name can only contain alpha-numeric characters and underscores (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ )
Valid Example:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

General Windows 7 Shortcuts

windows 7 logo Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity
  • Win + Up – Maximize the current Window
  • Win + Down – Restore down or minimize current Windows
  • Win + Leftdow – Dock the current Window to the left half of the screen
  • Win + Rightdow – Dock the current Window to the right half of the screen
  • Win + Number – Activate and run the program pinned on Windows 7 Taskbar, running program won’t be affected
  • Win + Home – Minimize all but the current Window
  • Win + Space – Makes all Windows transparent so you can see through to the desktop
  • Win + Pause or Break – Open System Properties
  • Win + Tab – Flip Aero 3D [press Tab to cycle between Windows]
  • Win + B – Move focus to notification tray (the right-most portion of the taskbar)
  • Win + D – Show/Hide desktop
  • Win + E – Windows Explorer is launched
  • Win + F – Search
  • Win + G – Bring all gadgets on top and foreground
  • Win + L – Lock Computer
  • Win + M – Minimize all Windows
  • Win + P – Open the projection menu (generally used for laptops connected to projectors)
  • Win + RRun Command is launched.
  • Win + S – OneNote Screen Clipping Tool
  • Win + T – Show preview thumbnail of running applications in Windows Taskbar one by one without mouse over
  • Win + X – Mobility Center
  • Win + # – Quicklaunch
  • Win + = – Magnifier
  • Win + + or - – Enables the magnifier and zooms in/out
  • Win + Shift + Up – Maximize vertical size
  • Win + Shift + Down – Restore vertical size
  • Win + Shift + Leftdow – Jump to left monitor
  • Win + Shift + Right – Jump to right monitor
  • Win + Shift + M – Undo all Window minimization
  • Win + Shift + T – Cycles backwards
  • Win + Ctrl + F – Opens the Active Directory Find Computers dialog
  • Ctrl + Right – Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
  • Ctrl + Left – Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
  • Ctrl + Up – Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
  • Ctrl + Down – Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
  • Ctrl + Click – A pinned taskbar icon to cycle through the program’s open Windows (e.g. IE)
  • Ctrl + Win + Tab – Persistent flip 3D
  • Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key – Select a block of text
  • Ctrl + arrow + Spacebar – Select multiple individual items in a Window or on the desktop
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc – Open Task Manager directly
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – Create new folder

Shortcuts for Ease of Access

ease of access center Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity
  • Right Shift for eight seconds – Turn Filter Keys on and off
  • Left Alt+left Shift+PRINTSCREEN (or PRTSCRN) – Turn High Contrast on or off
  • Left Alt+left Shift+NUMLOCK – Turn Mouse Keys on or off
  • Shift five times – Turn Sticky Keys on or off
  • NUMLOCK for five seconds – Open the Ease of Access Center
  • Win + U – Cycle through all open Windows

Windows Explorer

  • Alt + Leftdow – Go back
  • Alt + Right – Go forward
  • Alt + Up – Go up a directory
  • Alt + Enter – Open the Properties Window of the current selection
  • Alt + Spacebar – Open the shortcut menu for the active Window
  • Alt + F4 – Close the active Window
  • Alt + Tab – Switch to previous active Window
  • Alt + Esc – Cycle through all open Windows
  • Alt + D – Move focus to address bar
  • Alt + P – Show/hide the preview panel
  • Ctrl + N – Open a new Window
  • Ctrl + Mousewheel – Change the view type (extra large, small, list view, detail, etc.)
  • NUMLOCK + Asterisk (*) on numeric keypad – Display all subfolders under the selected folder
  • NUMLOCK + Plus Sign (+) on numeric keypad – Display the contents of the selected folder
  • NUMLOCK + Minus Sign (+) on numeric keypad – Collapse the selected folder

Taskbar Modifiers

  • Shift + Click on icon – Open a new instance
  • Middle click on icon – Open a new instance
  • Ctrl + Shift + Click on icon – Open a new instance with Admin privileges

Dialog Box

dialog box Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity
  • Ctrl + Tab – Move forward through tabs
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Move back through tabs
  • Shift + Tab – Move back through options
  • Tab – Move forward through options
  • Alt + underlined letter – Perform the command (or select the option) that goes with that letter
  • Enter – Replaces clicking the mouse for many selected commands
  • Spacebar – Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box
  • Arrow keys – Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons
  • BackSpace – Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box

Photo Gallery

photo gallery Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity
  • Ctrl + F – Open the Fix pane
  • Ctrl + P – Print the selected picture
  • Ctrl + I – Open or close the Details pane
  • Ctrl + . – Rotate the picture clockwise
  • Ctrl + , – Rotate the picture counter-clockwise
  • Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel – Change the size of the picture thumbnail
  • Ctrl + B – Best fit
  • Ctrl + E – Search for an item
  • Alt + Leftdow – Go back
  • Alt + Right – Go forward
  • + – Zoom in or resize the picture thumbnail
  • - – Zoom out or resize the picture thumbnail
  • Shift + Delete – Permanently delete the selected item
  • Enter – View the selected picture at a larger size

Logging In/ Out

Logging in out Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity
  • Win + Right + Enter – Shutdown
  • Win + Right + Right + R – Restart
  • Win + Right + Right + S – Sleep
  • Win + Right + Right + W – Switch users

Monday, May 23, 2011

List Out The Free SMS Send To Mobile

1. Smsfame.com (NEW)
Link: http://www.smsfame.com/

Maximum Words: 160 Alphabets only  <== Best One Yet
2. Atrochatro.com
Link: http://www.atrochatro.com

Maximum Words: 149 Alphabets only
3. SMSze.com
Link: http://www.smsze.com

Maximum Words: 148 Alphabets only
4. Mycantos.com
Link: http://www.mycantos.com/

Maximum Words: 146 Alphabets only
5. Jaxtr.com
Link: http://www.jaxtr.com/

Maximum Words: 120 Alphabets only
Also Support: Free Mobile Calls
6. Mysmsindia.com
Link: http://www.mysmsindia.com/

Maximum Words: 115 Alphabets only
7. Way2sms.com
Link: http://wwwh.way2sms.com/content/index.html

Maximum Words: 110 Alphabets
8. Ibibo.com
Link: http://isms.ibibo.com/

Maximum Words: 90 Alphabets only
Also Support: Free Mobile Calls
9. Jakasoffers.com
Link: http://www.jakasoffers.com/sign-in.php

Maximum Words: 90 Alphabets only
10. Smslife.in
Link: http://www.smslife.in/

Maximum Words: 80 Alphabets Only (Other 80 Alphabets for Advertising)
11. 160by2.com
Link: http://www.160by2.com/

Maximum Words: 80 Alphabets Only (Other 80 Alphabets for Advertising)
12. Gizmosms.com
Link: http://gizmosms.com/

Maximum Words: 80 Alphabets only
13. Vakow.com
Link: http://www.vakow.com/

Maximum Words: 80 Alphabets only

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Infosys Standardizes IT Infrastructure At PNB

Infosys, a platinum level partner of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) has deployed its Finacle Universal Banking Solution on Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers and Oracle Solaris to standardize the IT infrastructure of Punjab and Sind National Bank. The clusters will be hosted on Oracle servers.

The second largest public sector bank caters to over 60 million accounts, over 5000 branches and extension counters and manages 14 terabytes of data.

Post the standardization, PNB increased daily business transactions by 30 percent, saw a 100 percent rise in the number of transactions from delivery channels from five lakh a day to ten lakh everyday. Finacle will also enable growth in the number of concurrent users accessing across branches to 35000.  The IT optimization reduced day end activities by 1.5 hours, and the bank would also be able to automate its statistics within 12 hours as against 28 hours. The query response time also reduced to less than 30 minutes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mobile Phone Secrets & Tricks

(1) *3370# Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your phone uses the best sound quality but talktime is reduced my approx. 5%
(2)#3370# Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) OR *3370# ( Favourite )
(3)*#4720# Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time.
(4)*#4720# Deactivate Half Rate Codec.
(5)*#0000# Displays your phones software version, 1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type. ( Favourite )
(6)*#9999# Phones software version if *#0000# does not work.
(7)*#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number). ( Favourite )
(8)#pw+1234567890+1# Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"
and "+" symbols).
(9)#pw+1234567890+2# Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"
and "+" symbols).
(10)#pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"
and "+" symbols).
(11)#pw+1234567890+4# SIM Card Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w"
and "+" symbols).
(12)*#147# (vodafone) this lets you know who called you last.
(13)*#1471# Last call (Only vodofone).
(14)*#21# Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to
(15)*#2640# Displays security code in use.
(16)*#30# Lets you see the private number.
(17)*#43# Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your phone.
(18)*#61# Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to.
(19)*#62# Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unreachable (no service)" calls
are diverted to.
(20)*#67# Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to.
(21)*#67705646# Removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330.
(22)*#73# Reset phone timers and game scores.
(23)*#746025625# Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature "SIM Clock Stop Allowed", it means you will get the best standby time possible.
(24) *#7760# Manufactures code.
(25)*#7780# Restore factory settings.
(26)*#8110# Software version for the nokia 8110.
(27)*#92702689# Displays - 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made, 3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Transfer User Data. To exit this mode you need to switch your phone off then on again. ( Favourite )
(28)*#94870345123456789# Deactivate the PWM-Mem.
(29)**21*number# Turn on "All Calls" diverting to the phone number entered.
(30)**61*number# Turn on "No Reply" diverting to the phone number entered.
(31)**67*number# Turn on "On Busy" diverting to the phone number entered.
(32)12345 This is the default security code.

press and hold # Lets you switch between lines 

NOKIA 5110/5120/5130/5190 

IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 0 0 0 0 #
Simlock info: * # 9 2 7 0 2 6 8 9 #
Enhanced Full Rate: * 3 3 7 0 # [ # 3 3 7 0 # off]
Half Rate: * 4 7 2 0 #
Provider lock status: #pw+1234567890+1
Network lock status #pw+1234567890+2
Provider lock status: #pw+1234567890+3
SimCard lock status: #pw+1234567890+4

NOKIA 6110/6120/6130/6150/6190 

IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 0 0 0 0 #
Simlock info: * # 9 2 7 0 2 6 8 9 #
Enhanced Full Rate: * 3 3 7 0 # [ # 3 3 7 0 # off]
Half Rate: * 4 7 2 0 #

NOKIA 3110 

IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 0 0 0 0 # or * # 9 9 9 9 # or * # 3 1 1 0 #
Simlock info: * # 9 2 7 0 2 6 8 9 #

NOKIA 3330 

IMEI number:*#06#
This will show your warranty details *#92702689#
Basically increases the quality of calling sound, but decreases battery length.
Deactivates the above
Shows your software version
*#746025625#This shows if your phone will allow sim clock stoppage
Half Rate Codec activation. It will automatically restart
Half Rate Codec deactivation. It will automatically restart
Restore Factory Settings
To do this simply use this code *#7780#
Manufacturer Info
Date of Manufacturing *#3283#
*3001#12345# (TDMA phones only) This will put your phone into programming mode, and you'll be presented with the programming menu.
2) Select "NAM1"
3) Select "PSID/RSID"
4) Select "P/RSID 1"
Note: Any of the P/RSIDs will work
5) Select "System Type" and set it to Private
6) Select "PSID/RSID" and set it to 1
7) Select "Connected System ID"
Note: Enter your System ID for Cantel, which is 16401 or 16423. If you don't know yours,
ask your local dealer for it.
8) Select "Alpha Tag"
9) Enter a new tag, then press OK
10) Select "Operator Code (SOC)" and set it to 2050
11) Select "Country Code" and set it to 302 for Canada, and 310 for the US.
12) Power down the phone and power it back on again
To check the ISDN number on your Nokia use this code *#92772689# .:: Ericsson ::. Ericson T65 *#05# Fake Insert puk screen Press no to exit Ericsson T20
Ericsson T20
MENU tecnichal Info
[type] >*<<*<* Displays :
1] Info service
1] Info SW
2] Info hardware
3] SIMlock
2] Service setup
1] Contrast 3]Service Test
1] Display
4] ringer
5] Vibration
7] Microphone
4] Names List
MENU info
[Type] >*<<**<
Network and Subnetwork : NCK and NSCK Ericsson T28 >*<<*<* menu Tecnichal info
SW vers. and name list
>*<<**< menu Personal Info
Network and Subnetwork : NCK and NSCK
< and > are the right and left menu's keys Ericsson T18s/T10/A1018s >*<<*<* software
CXC125065 Internal product code
970715 1515 Software version and SW rev.
<* CLR <><**
< and > are the right and left menu's keys
Control /Enable SIM Lock!!! Ericsson R310 Technical Info : >*<<*<*
Options :
1) service Info
info Software
Configuration 2) Service Test
3)Text's name List
Info personal : >*<<**< SIM Locking ( 8 digits' code ) ( it could harm your phone )
1) Network
2) Subnetwork
3) SP
4) Corporate
.:: Siemens ::. Siemens C25 IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: put off sim card and enter: : * # 0 6 # and press LONG KEY
Bonus screen: in phone booke: + 1 2 0 2 2 2 4 3 1 2 1 .:: Bosch ::. IMEI Number: * # 0 6 #
Dafault Language: * # 0 0 0 0 #
Net Monitor: * # 3 2 6 2 2 5 5 * 8 3 7 8 # .::Alcatel ::. IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 0 6 #
Net Monitor: 0 0 0 0 0 0 * .:: Samsung ::. Samsung SGH600/2100DB IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 9 9 9 9 # albo * # 0 8 3 7 #
Net Monitor: * # 0 3 2 4 #
Chaning LCD contrast: * # 0 5 2 3 #
Memory info: * # 0 3 7 7 # albo * # 0 2 4 6 #
Reset pamieci (SIMLOCK`a removing!!!): *2767*3855#
Reset pamieci CUSTOM: *2767*2878#
Battery state: * # 9 9 9 8 * 2 2 8 #
Alarm beeper: *#9998*289#
Vibra test: *#9998*842# .:: Dancall ::. IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
Software version: * # 9 9 9 9 # .:: Philips ::. *#3333*# Displays the blocking list.
*#7489*# Displays the security code.
*#06# Displays the IMEI number.
*#8377*# Displays the SW info. .:: Panasonic ::. Panasonic gd90 gd93 *#9999# SW - Type the code on switch on , during network seek
-Vers. SW and production code
Enable ringing and vibration contemporarily
Enable vibration with # then increase volume with "tone menu " Panasonic gd70 *#9999# SW - Type the code on switch on , during network seek
-Vers. SW and production code
Enable ringing and vibration contemporarily
Enable vibration with # then increase volume with "tone menu " .:: Acer ::. Acer V 750 *#400# Display Adc/ Set Cal-Value -
*#402# Set LCD Contrast
*#403# Display Errors Info
*#300# Display Info Hw & Sw
*#301# Menu Test
*#302# Menu Acoustics
*#303# (Settings saved) Set English language?
*#307# Menu Engineering
*#311# Reset Phone Code - [ Also reset Security Codes ! ]
*#330# (Execute not success) [ unknown ]
*#331# (Service deactivated) [ unknown ]
*#332# (Service unavailable)[ unknown ]
*#333# (Execute not success)[ unknown ]
*#351# (Service unavailable) [ unknown ]
*#360# (Invalid input)[ unknown ]
*#361# (Invalid input) [ unknown ]
*#362# (Invalid input) [ unknown ]
*#363# (Invalid input) [ unknown ] .:: Genie ::. Genie DB *#06# IMEI.
*#2254*# Near Cell Mode. For every received BTS will be displayed :
Current channel and 2 channel levels
*#06# IMEI
*#2558# time of network connection ( D/H/M )
*#2562# Fores reconnection to network
!!!*#7489# Dispalys and modify phones' security code!!!
!!!*#3377# SIM lock information !!!
*#7378# SIM card Informations : supported phase name and tipe
*#7693# Enable/disable "Sleep Mode"
*#8463# State of "Sleep Mode"
*#2255# Debug Call Mode enable/disable
*#3333*# Displays the blocking list.
*#7489*# Displays the security code
*#06# Displays the IMEI number
*#8377*# Displays the SW info. .:: NEC ::. NEC db2000 *#2820# software vers.
IMEI *#06#
Reset *73738# (send?)
SP Lock info:
* # 3210 # (send?)
Network barring info : *#8140# (send?)
( it could harm your phone )
SIM lock it could harm your phone )
*#4960 # (send?) -Inquiry * 4960 * password * password # (send?) lock
#4960* password # (send?) unlock
[password] [8 digits]
Net Lock
*#7320# (send?) -Inquiry * 7320 * password * password # (send?) lock
#7320* password # (send?) unlock
[password] [ 8 digits]
Net Lock 2:
*#2220# (invio) - Inquiry * 2220 * password * password # (send?) lock
#2220* password # (invio?)unlock
[password] [8 digits]
Unlock subnetwork
*#1110# (send?) - inquiry * 1110 * password * password # (send?) lock
#1110* password # (send?) unlock
[password] [n� 8 cifre]
( it could harm your phone ) .:: Trium ::. Trium Geo/Geo @ - Astral - Cosmo -Aria Enter the menu and type *
A new menu will be displayed :
Application : SW version and battery's voltage
Trium Galaxy
Push * and type 5806: Production date and SW version .:: Telit ::. Telit GM 810 MONITOR - technical menu - : type ++++ and push OK.
Adiacent cells list : # and *
Now if you push OK the phone displays battery ' s voltage and temperature .:: Sagem ::. Sagem MC959/940 Select commands' menu and push *
Displays a new menu' :
Appli : software vers. and battery's voltage
Sim Lock
Test LCD: display test , green/red and vibration Sagem MC920 Select commands' menu and push *
Displays 5 new menus : 1 APPLI
BATTERY (voltage )
3!!! SIM LOCK (10 digits code requested ) !!!
SYMBOL 2 (test2 LCD)
BLACK (all icons and carachters displayed )
FOR PHOTO (welcome message and time )
VIBRATOR (vibration test )
.:: Sony ::. Sony CMD Z5/J5 Vers. SW :
Without SIM , switch on phone and type l *#7353273# .:: Eprom ::.
!!! Sim Lock [10 digits code ] ( it could harm your phone )
Test LCD: display test of the green/red leds and vibration
Push * and type 4329 :enables/disables network monitor 1 (the same of MT35)
Push * and type 621342 :enables/disables network monitor 2
Push * and type 5807 : Serial Number Software Vers.
Push * and type 936505: IMEI -- Software Vers.
TPush * and type 547 : Test serial Data Cable DISPLAYS :"Testmode"
Push * and type 362628: ISMI BLOCK (UNKNOWN)
Push * and type 476989: NS BLOCK (UNKNOWN)
Push * and type 482896:CP BLOCK (UNKNOWN)
Push * and type 787090: ? BLOCK (UNKNOWN)
Push * and type 787292 : block current network
!!! Push * and type 967678: SP LOCK!!!
Push * and type 850696:Warm Start ( ENABLE/DISABLE)
Push * and type 3926 : Swicth off phone
Push * and type 5806: Production date and SW version .:: Motorola ::. Motorola V3688 IMEI *#06#
Enhanced Full Rate Codec EFR
Enable EFR : [][][] 119 [] 1 [] OK.
disable EFR : [][][] 119 [] 0 [] OK .:: Tips and Tricks ::. Send an E-mail from your GSM From your telephone you can send an email to whichever E-mail customer of the Internet network. The e-mail will be sent to the maximum of within an hour from the reception.
The sended message will contain in luminosity the telephone number of the sender. In order for sending e-mail, send an SMS with this syntax (always separated by spaces):
EMA name@domain text-of-your-email Example: in order to send an email to john@doe.com, do the following:
EMA john@doe.com text-of-your-email if your phone cant print @ replace it with a !
EMA johon!doe.com text-of-your-email And then send this message to the folloving number: +39 338 8641732
Free SMS Center numbers
From your telephone you can send SMS messages of 160 char. max. to another GSM phone Your message will be sent through an SMS Center (usually the one that gave your provider)
You pay a little fee depending of your provider, BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY something In order for sending SMS without paying anything, you got to change your SMS Center number with these one
+491722270300 or +358405202999 or +352021100003 Codes (that they dont tell you in the manual) To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) type: *#06# Information you get from the IMEI:
TAC = Type Approval Code (first 2 digits = country code). FAC = Final Assembly Code (For Nokia phonfiltered=10).
SNR = Serial Number. SP = Spare (always SP=0).
To check the phone's software (firmware revision information) type: *#0000# ( or for some phones outher then Nokia 61XX you can try *#model nummber# ex. for 8110 *#8110#) Information you can get from the phone's software version:
V 3.14
1st line: Software version.
2nd line: The date of the software release.
3nd line: Phone type, .
Some versions and dates: V 3.14 28/11/97
V4.33 11/03/98 V 4.73 22/04/98
V 5.24 14/9/98 Pin-Out Diagram for the 6110 1 - VIN CHARGER INPUT VOLTAGE 8.4V 0.8A
3 - XMIC MIC INPUT 60mV - 1V
6 - MBUS 9600 B/S
7 - FBUS_RX 9.6 - 230.4 KB/S
8 - FBUS_TX 9.6 - 230.4 KB/S
9 - L_GND CHARGER / LOGIC GND Revealing Headphone and Car-Kit Menus Think about this: If you do these tricks the new menus can not be erased after the procedure. But it's not dangerous or harmful for your phone To enable the headset-function, you have to short-circuit the "3" and "4". After a short time there is "Headset" on the display Now, menu 3-6 is now enabled!
To enable the carkit-function you have to short-circuit the "4" and "5". After a short time, "Car" is shown on the display and the menu 3-7 is enabled!! This Trick is for you how want to hear more then your supposed to ! If you short-circuit the left and the right contact with the middle contact ("3", "6" and "9") the Nokia Software hangs! The profile "Headset" will be activated. Before you do this, just active the "auto call receive" function in the headphone profile and set the ringing volume to "mute" Now you can use your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Place the phone somewhere stratidic and call your phone! The phone receives the call without ringing and you can listen to what people are talking about! .....gr8... Serial numbers on your 6110 For more info type: *#92702689#
The first screen gives you the serial and IMEI number.
Then there is the Date of Manufacture: ex. Made 1297
Then there is the Purchasing Date: ex. Purchasing Date 0298
Then there is the last Repair Date: ex. Repaired: 0000 Note: you must turn off the phone to exit after this test, because of the last function, "transfer user data" which doesn't work as "standard"....You can use this mode only to transfer all Calender, Profile and Callers Group Information to another phone (eg. if you are replacing phone or configuring phones for use within your company or when a particular phone doesn't works correctly )
Activating and deactivating EFR and HFR, on your 6110 *3370# to activate Enhanced Full Rate - Makes calls sound better, but decreases the battery life by about 5%. #3370# to deactivate Enhanced Full Rate
*4720# to activate Half Rate Mode - Drops call quality, but increases battery life by about 30%. #4720# to deactivate Half Rate Mode

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Bank of Baroda, India's International Bank, with a network of more than 3200 branches in India enjoys the unique distinction of overseas presence in 26 countries. The global business of the Bank is over Rs. 4,60,000 crores. The Bank's Mission is "To be a top ranking National Bank of International Standards committed to augmenting stakeholder value through concern, care and competence". The Bank believes that its people, process and technology are the key drivers for delivering customer service. The Bank firmly believes that its Human Resources are the most valuable asset and the HR Mission of the Bank is "Creating Competence and Passion for Business Excellence".
The Bank is transforming itself into a 'Technology-enabled Customer-centric Financial Services Organization', in order to be in tandem with the modern customers' aspirations. Having completed 102 years of our purposeful existence, we are architecting and laying a strong foundation for creating "A Bank of the Future for the Next Century and for emerging as a Financial Conglomerate and as a One-Stop Shop for Financial Services", to deliver world-class banking experience to our customers.
We are looking for young, qualified, mobile and active minds to be partners in the transformation programme of the Bank as Probationary Officers in Junior Management Grade / Scale-I.
Candidates are advised to apply only 'online' & requested to carefully go through the detailed advertisement in Bank's website www.bankofbaroda.com before applying online.
The total number of vacancies and reserved vacancies given hereunder, are provisional and which may vary depending upon future needs of the Bank :-
Number of Vacancies Age as on 01.01.2011
Minimum - 21 years
Maximum- 30 years

Note: 27 posts are reserved for PWD (OH (09), HI (09) & VH (09)). The reservation for PWD is on horizontal basis. The selected candidates will be placed in the appropriate category (viz. SC/ST/OBC/Others) to which they belong to.
Abbreviations stand for :- SC - Scheduled Castes, ST - Scheduled Tribes, OBC - Other Backward Class, PWD - Persons with Disability, OH - Orthopedically Handicapped, HI - Hearing Impaired, VH - Visually Handicapped.
* Bank may increase the number of vacancies maximum by further 300, as per administrative requirements.
  1. Candidates are required to apply Online through website www.bankofbaroda.com. No other means/ mode of application will be accepted.
  2. Candidates are required to have a valid personal email ID. It should be kept active during the currency of this recruitment project. Bank may send call letters for written test, interview etc. through the registered email ID. Under no circumstances, he/she should share/ mention email ID to/ or of any other person.
  3. In case, a candidate does not have a valid personal email ID, he/she should create his/ her new email ID before applying Online.
  4. Applicants are first required to go to the Bank's website www.bankofbaroda.com and open the link 'Recruitment'. Thereafter, open the Recruitment Notification entitled Bank of Baroda 'OFFICERS RECRUITMENT PROJECT - 2011'
  5. Take a print of the entire Recruitment Notification, including the 'FEES PAYMENT CHALLAN'.
  6. Fill in the Fee Payment Challan in a clear and legible handwriting in BLOCK LETTERS.
  7. Go to the nearest Bank of Baroda Branch with the Fee Payment Challan duly filled in and pay, in Cash the appropriate Application Fee in Account No 29040200000198 with Bandra Kurla Complex Branch, Mumbai, in favour of "Bank of Baroda OFFICERS' RECRUITMENT PROJECT-2011-12". The amount of fee to be paid is indicated below :

  8. Category of Applicant Amount of Fees/ Postage (Non-refundable)
    SC/ ST/ Persons with Disability (PWD) Rs. 50/-
    GEN/ OBC/ Ex-Servicemen Rs. 300/-
  9. Obtain the Counterfoil (Applicant's Copy) of the Fee Payment Challan duly received by the Bank with (a) Branch Name & Code Number (b) Transaction ID (c) Date of Deposit & Amount filled by the Branch Official.
  10. Candidates are now ready to apply Online by re-visiting the Recruitment Page of the Bank's website and going to the sublink titled "Online APPLICATION FOR BANK OF BARODA OFFICERS' RECRUITMENT PROJECT-2011-12". Click on this sublink will open up the appropriate Online Application Format.
  11. Carefully fill in the necessary details from the Fee Payment Challan in the Online Application Form at the appropriate places and submit the same Online.
  12. Original counterfoil of the fee payment challan will have to be submitted with the Call Letter at the time of written test. Without counterfoil of the fee payment challan, the candidates will not be allowed to appear in the written test. Candidates are, therefore, advised to keep 3 photocopies of the fee payment challan for future use.
  13. The name of the candidate or his/ her father/ husband etc should be spelt correctly in the application as it appears in the certificates/ mark sheets. Any change/ alteration found may disqualify the candidature.


  14. Website Link Open From 05.01.2011 To 25.01.2011
    Date of Written Test 13.03.2011
    Payment of fees at BOB Branches From 05.01.2011 To 25.01.2011
    Fees deposited after the last date i.e. 25.01.2011 will not be entertained by the Bank.
PAY :- Selected Candidates will be on probation for a period of one year. They will draw salary in the scale of Rs. 14500-600x7/18700-700x2/20100-800x7/25700 applicable to Junior Management Grade/ Scale I. They will also be eligible for DA, HRA & CCA, as per rules in force from time to time. At present, initial monthly emoluments of Junior Management Grade/ Scale I Officer, including DA, HRA, CCA are approximately Rs. 23,000/- in a Metropolitan Centre.
  1. Qualification (As on 01.01.2011)

    Degree in any discipline from a recognized University OR
    Any equivalent qualification recognized by Central Government
    Should possess a certificate in Computer Literacy (Proficient in MSOffice, Basic Applications, Internet Usage etc.)

  2. Age (As on 01.01.2011) Minimum 21 years, Maximum 30 years Relaxation in Upper Age Limit

    1. Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe candidates by 5 years
    2. Other Backward Classes candidates by 3 years
    3. In the case of Ex-servicemen and Commissioned Officers including ECOs/ SSCOs who have rendered atleast 5 years military service and have been released on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to be completed within the next one year from the last date for receipt of application) other than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency or on account of physical disability attributable to military service or on being declared as invalid, by 5 years for selection through written test & interview, subject to ceiling, as per Govt. Guidelines.
    4. All persons who have ordinarily been domiciled in Kashmir Division of J & K State during 01.01.1980 and 31.12.1989 by 5 years
    5. For Persons with Disability by 10 years which by cumulation becomes (a) by 15 years for SC/ST (b) by 13 years for OBC and (c) by 10 years for General.

      1. An ex-serviceman who has once joined a Government Job on the civil side after availing the benefits given to him as Ex-serviceman for his re-employment including a job in Public Sector Undertaking, ceases to enjoy Ex-serviceman status for his further employment.
      2. The relaxation in upper age limit is cumulative, as per the Government Guidelines.
      3. All Persons eligible for age relaxation under para 4B (d) above must produce the domicile certificate at the time of interview from the District Magistrate in the Kashmir Division within whose jurisdiction he/she had ordinarily resided or any other authority designated, in this regard by Government of J & K to the effect that the candidate had ordinarily been domiciled in the Kashmir Division of the State of J&K during 1st January 1980 and 31st December 1989.

  3. Nationality/ Citizenship :-

    A candidate must be either i) a Citizen of India or ii) a subject of Nepal or iii) subject of Bhutan or iv) a Tibetan refugee who came over to India before 1st January 1962 with the intention of permanently settling in India or v) a person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India. Provided that a candidate belonging to categories (ii), (iii), (iv) & (v) above shall be a person in whose favour a certificate of eligibility has been issued by the Government of India. A candidate in whose case a certificate of eligibility is necessary may be admitted to the examination/ interview conducted by the Bank but on final selection, the offer of appointment may be given only after the Government of India has issued the necessary eligibility certificate to him.

  4. Persons with Disabilities :-

    1. Only those OH persons who have locomotor disability or cerebral palsy with locomotor impairment of minimum of 40% and only those who fall in the following categories are eligible to apply under OH category :-

      BL - Both legs affected but not arms
      OA - One arm affected (R or L)

      1. Impaired reach
      2. Weakness of grip
      3. Ataxia

      CL - One leg affected (R or L)
      MW - Muscular weakness and limited physical endurance

    2. Only those Visually handicapped persons who suffer from any one of the following conditions are eligible to apply under VH category:-

      1. Total absence of sight
      2. Visual acuity not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen) in the better eye with correcting lenses
      3. Limitation of the field of vision subtending an angle or 20 degrees or worse.
      4. Candidates having low vision, as defined in Chapter 1, Para 2(u) of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of rights and full participation) Act, 1995.

    3. At the time of written examination, only blind/ low vision candidates and those candidates whose writing speed is affected by cerebral palsy can use own scribe/ writer at his/ her own cost. In all such cases, where a scribe/ writer is used, the following rules will apply :-

      1. The candidate will have to arrange his/ her own scribe/ writer at his/ her own cost.
      2. The academic qualification of the scribe should be one grade lower than the stipulated eligibility criteria.
      3. Scribe/ writer should be one possessing 60% or less marks.
      4. Scribe/ writer can be from any academic discipline.
      5. Both the candidate as well as the scribe/ writer will have to give a suitable undertaking, confirming that the scribe fulfills all the stipulated eligibility criteria for a scribe, as mentioned above. Further, in case it later transpires that he/she did not fulfill any of the laid-down eligibility criteria or suppressed material facts, the candidature of the applicant will stand cancelled, irrespective of the result of the written test.
      6. Only those candidates who use a Scribe/ Writer shall be eligible for extra time of 20 minutes and/ or part thereof for every hour of the examination.

    4. It is clarified that Persons with Disabilities will have to work in branches/ offices.


    1. For SC/ST/OBC
      1. District Magistrate/ Additional Dist. Magistrate/ Collector/ Deputy Commissioner/Additional Dy. Commissioner/ Dy. Collector/ First Class Stipendiary Magistrate/Sub-Division Magistrate/ Taluka Magistrate/ Executive Magistrate/ Extra Assistant Commissioner
      2. Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Presidency Magistrate
      3. Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahsildar
      4. Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and/or his family normally resides.

    2. For Persons with Disability :-
      1. Authorised Certifying Authority will be a Medical Board duly constituted by the Central/ State Government having at least 3 members consisting of Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Divisional Medical Officer in the District and an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ophthalmology Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, as the case may be.
Selection will be on the basis of performance in Written Test and Interview. The details of Written Test and Interview are as under :-
  1. Written Test - Eligible candidates will be required to appear for written test comprising (i) Objective Test on (i) Reasoning (ii) Quantitative Aptitude (iii) General Socio Economic & Banking Awareness (iv) English Language (v) Marketing Aptitude

    There will be negative marking for wrong answers in the Objective test. Further details regarding the Written Test i.e. number of questions, duration etc shall be advised along in the 'Acquaint Yourself Booklet' sent with the call letter.

    The Bank reserves the right, if required to hold a second stage of written test on the basis of order of merit in the written examination of first stage, as referred above. If the second stage of written test is held, the subsequent process of interview and further process would be on the basis of order of merit of the second stage examination.

    The written test will be held at the following centres and the address of the venue will be advised in the call letters. List of written test centres with the Centre Codes is given below :-

  2. Centre Code Name of the Centre
    Centre Code Name of the Centre
    11 Agra
    37 Jamshedpur
    12 Ahmedabad
    38 Jodhpur
    13 Ajmer
    39 Kanpur
    14 Allahabad
    40 Kolkata
    15 Amritsar
    41 Kota
    16 Anand
    42 Lucknow
    17 Aurangabad
    43 Ludhiana
    18 Bareilly
    44 Mehsana
    19 Baroda
    45 Mumbai
    20 Bengaluru
    46 Muzaffarpur
    21 Bhagalpur
    47 Mysore
    22 Bhopal
    48 Nagpur
    23 Bhubaneshwar
    49 Panaji
    24 Bulsar
    50 Patna
    25 Chandigarh
    51 Pune
    26 Chennai
    52 Raipur
    27 Coimbatore
    53 Rajkot
    28 Delhi
    54 Ranchi
    29 Ernakulam
    55 Sambalpur
    30 Faridabad
    56 Surat
    31 Gurgaon
    57 Thiruvanathapuram
    32 Guwahati
    58 Udaipur
    33 Hyderabad
    59 Varanasi
    34 Indore
    60 Vijaywada
    35 Jaipur
    61 Visakhapatnam
    36 Jamnagar

    NOTE :-
      1. Request for change of Centre of Examination shall NOT be entertained.
      2. Bank reserves the right to cancel any of the centres and/ or add some other centres, depending upon the response, administrative feasibility etc. Bank also reserves the right to allot the candidate to any of the centres other than the one he/ she has opted for.

  3. Interview :- Those shortlisted candidates in the order of ranking in the written test, as per the cut-off marks determined by the Bank shall be called for an interview and/ or group discussion and the decision of the Bank, in this regard shall be final
It is proposed to impart Pre-Examination Training to a limited number of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Persons with Disability/ Minority Communities at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai Centres at the discretion of the Bank. An eligible candidate who wishes to avail of Pre-Examination Training should fill in the relevant column in the ONLINE APPLICATION. All expenses regarding travelling, boarding, lodging etc will be borne by the candidate for attending the pre-examination training programme at the concerned centres.
  1. For SC/ST/ PWD candidates - Rs. 50/- (towards postage charges only)
  2. For all Others Rs. 300/- (including postage charges of Rs.50/-)
  3. Application once made will not be allowed to be withdrawn and fees once paid will NOT be refunded on any count nor can it be held in reserve for any other examination or selection.
  1. Candidates are required to apply only 'ONLINE'. Any other form of application shall be rejected.
  2. Before applying, the candidate should ensure that he/she fulfils the eligibility and other norms mentioned in this advertisement. Decision of the Bank in all matters regarding eligibility of the candidate, the stages at which such scrutiny of eligibility is to be undertaken, the documents to be produced for the purpose of the conduct of examination, interview, selection and any other matter relating to recruitment will be final and binding on the candidate. No correspondence or personal enquiries will be entertained by the bank in this behalf.
  3. In case, it is detected at any stage of recruitment that a candidate does not fulfill the eligibility norms and/or that he/she has furnished any incorrect/false information/certificate/documents or has suppressed any material fact(s), his/her candidature will stand cancelled. If any of these shortcoming/s is/are detected even after appointment, his/ her services are liable to be terminated.
  4. Self attested photocopy of the Graduation degree/ Mark sheet indicating 'Pass' and other educational testimonials should be kept ready for submission at the time of interview. In addition, candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC/PWD category are required to submit an attested copy of their Caste Certificate/ Certificate of Disability issued by the Competent Authority as specified in Para 4E (a) & (b) at the time of Interview. However, all candidates will have to produce original as well as self attested photocopies of certificates regarding qualification, experience, date of birth and caste (if applicable), in support of their eligibility at the time of interview, failing which their candidature will be cancelled.
  5. In case of candidates belonging to OBC category, the certificate inter alia must specify that the candidates does not belong to 'CREAMY LAYER' section. Candidates belonging to Creamy Layer will be excluded from the benefits of reservations for OBCs in Civil Post and Services under Govt. of India. OBC certificate should not be more than one year old as on the date of application. Candidates belonging to OBC category but coming in the 'CREAMY LAYER', are not entitled to OBC reservation and age relaxation. Such candidates should indicate their category as 'GEN' or 'GEN (OH)' or 'GEN (VH)' or 'GEN (HI)', as the case may be.
  6. The candidates will have to appear for the Written Test and Interview at their own expense. However, eligible SC/ST/PWD outstation candidates attending the Interview will be reimbursed to and fro second-class ordinary train/ bus fare by the shortest route on production of evidence of travel.
  7. Candidates must be willing to serve anywhere in India. Nevertheless, candidates may indicate -3- states, in order of preference, for posting. While Bank will endeavour to post the selected candidates in the states of preferences, the candidate should note that they are liable to be posted anywhere in India depending on Bank's needs, but not necessarily in preferred states.
  8. Any resultant dispute arising out of this advertisement shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts situated at Mumbai.
  9. The Bank takes no responsibility to connect any Certificate/ Remittance separately.
  10. Any request for change of address will not be entertained.
  11. In case any dispute arises on account of interpretation of version other than English, English version will prevail and the version displayed on website shall be final.
  12. No candidate is permitted to use calculator, telephones, mobiles or any such other instrument during the written examinations/ selection process.
  13. The candidates will appear for the written examination at the allotted centres at their expense and risks and the Bank will not be responsible for any injury/ losses etc, of any nature.
  14. The Bank, may at its discretion, hold re-examination, wherever necessary, in respect of a centre/ venue.
  15. Appointment of selected candidates is subject to his/ her being declared medically fit by the Medical Officer approved by the Bank as per the requirement of the Bank. Such appointment will also be subject to the Service & Conduct Rules of the Bank.
  16. Admission to written examination and further process of selection will be purely provisional without verification of age/ qualification/ category (SC/ST/PWD) etc. of the candidates with reference to documents.
  17. Candidates uploading more than one application for any reason will be treated as ineligible.
  18. As the applications are to be processed by a computerized system, it is essential that the application is completely filled Online.
  20. Action to be taken against candidates found guilty of misconduct.
    Candidates are advised in their own interest that they should not furnish any particulars that are false, tampered, fabricated or should not suppress any material information while filling up the Online application.

    At the time of written examination/ interview, if a candidate is (or has been) found guilty of,
    1. Using unfair means during the examination OR
    2. Impersonating or procuring impersonation by any person OR
    3. Misbehaving in the examination hall or taking away the question booklet/ answer sheet from the examination hall OR
    4. Resorting to any irregular or improper means in connection with his/ her candidature by selection OR
    5. Obtaining support for his/ her candidature by any means.
    Such a candidate in addition to rendering himself/ herself liable to criminal prosecution, shall be liable :
    1. To be disqualified from the examination for which he/ she is a candidate
    2. To be debarred, either permanently or for a specified period, from any examination or recruitment conducted by the Bank.
The Bank would be analyzing the responses of a candidate with other appeared candidates to detect patterns of similarity. If as per the laid down procedure it is suspected that the responses have been shared and the scores obtained are not genuine/valid, the Bank reserves the right to cancel his/ her candidature.
The date of the Written Examination is TENTATIVELY FIXED as 13.03.2011. However, it will be intimated in the Call Letter along with the Centre/Venue for the Examination, well in advance of the date of the Written Examination.
Call Letters for the Written Test will be sent by ORDINARY POST to the eligible candidates to the address given in the online application. An eligible candidate who does not receive the call letter by 07.03.2011 should contact the Offices at the address of the respective centres (details of which will be released in Bank's website on 05.03.2011. Candidates can download their call letters from 08.03.2011 to 12.03.2011 from the Bank's website.
Decision of the Bank in respect of all matters pertaining to this recruitment would be final and binding on all candidates.
(HRM & Marketing)
Date: 01st January 2011